Hurricane Knife Weapon [Bloodripper] Balance Adjustment Announcement

Hello everyone, after the August 9th update, the newly launched Hurricane Knife Weapon [Wan Blade Wheel] has received widespread attention. Based on the feedback and combined with data testing, the development team now makes the following adjustments to the universal wheel:

1. Cancel the locking function of the universal wheel

2. When the durability of the universal blade wheel is 0, it will be overloaded, stop the attack, and need to be repaired before it can be started again.

3. Adjusted the attack interval and the rigidity of the Knife Wheel

At the same time, in the [Survival Mode], the drops from the [Wan Blade Wheel] in the first and second rounds of the hurricane are eliminated.

Thank you for your support and suggestions for "Forever Tribulation", and I wish you a happy game!

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