Naraka: Bladepoint August 9th Update Announcement

The specific updates are as follows:

Quick match

The quick match mode will be open to all players after the update. The quick match mode will not affect the rank points. Players can try more lineup play methods or complete various tasks in the quick match mode. 

In-game function

1.  Free practice mode adjustment

1.  Switching hero talent will no longer reset the backpack. 

2.  Increased the attack frequency of the Vibrato AI enemy and enriched its move behavior.

2. Game rhythm adjustment

In the single-row mode of the Chosen, players cannot return to their souls, and the overall battle rhythm is faster. Taking the same dark domain diffusion time as in the three-row mode will cause the overall game rhythm to be too slow. Therefore, appropriately reduce the individual games in the single-row mode. The duration of the dark domain of the phase.

3. turn the window judgment and adjustment

Optimized the window turning judgment, the player will now turn the window more smoothly.

4. Optimization and adjustment of the treasure cave

Added the hovering mark of the treasure cave icon in the big map to make it easier to confirm the name of the treasure cave. 

5.  Added difficulty reminder function

In the loading screen after the preparation phase, the difficulty of the game will be prompted based on the difference between the players and all opponents in the game. The specific tips are as follows:

1. When the  player's rank score is lower than the average score of a period of opponents, it shows "quite challenging".

2. When the  player's rank points are close to the opponent's average score, it shows "equal to each other".

3. The  player's rank score is higher than the average score of a period of opponents, indicating "easy to do".


Outside game function


1.  New friend intimacy function

1. When  friends play in a team, you can increase intimacy and improve intimacy level. You can send intimate gifts to each other every time you level up.

2.  Add a friend's memory page, which can be entered in the friend list, and the data of the games shared by both parties and the gift record of intimate gifts can be viewed on the page.


2.  New gift center function

1.  Players can quickly find and receive gifts from other players in the gift center to avoid confusion with system emails.

2.  Add gift records and thank you letters to facilitate viewing of your gift records and gift feedback.


3.  Added the function of viewing all season information

After the new season starts, players can click on the avatar to enter the card-personal information interface to view the current season and all season information, the specific instructions are as follows:

1. During the Forerunner season, you can select the "All Seasons" tab to view the player's highest points and all data.

2. After the new season starts, the "Current Season" tab will be added to view the player's data for this season.

3. The data column of the team that enters the game will be reset to the current season's data.


4. task adjustment

1.  Reduced some of the daily and weekly mission requirements related to combat.

2.  Added season missions.


5. Adjustment of Shaking the Sky and Falling the Dragon

1. The  settlement rewards (ancient coins and treasure chests) increase the daily receiving limit: each person can receive a maximum of 3 times a day.

2. There is  no limit to the cumulative number of Shaking the Heavens and Falling Dragons.

6.  handle function adjustment

1.  Added new adaptation content for exit game pop-up window interface and mall interface handle.

2.  Optimize the operation of the backpack in the bureau:

  1)  Picking up and buying in the backpack is changed to [Cube button/X button (PlayStation/XBOX]).

  2)  Long press the [direction key] in the backpack to accelerate the cursor movement.

  3) The  marked items in the backpack are changed to [R1/RB (PlayStation /XBOX)], which is more convenient for single-key operation.

3.  Optimize the marking operation in the office:

  1) The  default key position of the intra-office mark is changed to [Direction key up key] (both sets of preset handle keys are used), which is more convenient for single-key operation;

  2) The  default key position for opening the tactical roulette mark in the game is changed to long press the [direction key up button] (both sets of preset handle buttons are);

  3) The  default key position to open the emoji action roulette in the game is changed to [press L1/LB (PlayStation /XBOX) + arrow key up button] (the first set of preset handle buttons); [R1/RB (PlayStation /XBOX) + Arrow key up button] (the second set of preset handle buttons).

Hero adjustment

1. Ning Hongye

1. Optimized the movement of the talent skill [Kunlun Secret Art], and also reduced the back-swing time of the movement; at the same time, adjusted the strike performance, now it is easier to hit enemies including falling to the ground.

2. Added the effect of prohibiting the use of ziplines after being marked by the [Chi Lian Wu Ming].

3. After being marked by the Profound Truth [Red Training Ignorance], the dodge action will not be able to avoid the ultimate strike stun of the Profound Truth.

// As Ning Hongye's teammates become more and more adept at dodge movements, they are often dodged by the opponent's dodge invincible frame when they cooperate with Chi Lian ignorance, which is very distressing. This time we removed this setting and added the additional effect of the no-flying rope, making Chi Lian's ignorance more oppressive.

Second, Temur

1. Added the sound effect of the talent skill [Wind Spirit] during flight.

Three, Ji Canghai

1. When the talent skills [Liao Yuan Jin] and [Liao Yuan Jin · Hua Jin] are released , they will no longer be hurt during the pre-rolling time of the action.

2. Increase the damage coefficient of the talent skill [Liaoyuan Jin] counterattack moves from 100% to 120% .

3. Improve the damage of the talent skill [Liaoyuan Jin · Hua Jin] counterattack moves. Among them, the damage of counterattack is increased from 100% to 150% the damage of counterattack is increased from 200% to 300% ; the counterattack 3 is not adjusted.

4. Reduce the number of blocks required to upgrade the counterattack moves of [Liaoyuan Jin · Huajin] , from the original block 3/5/7 times to trigger a new counterattack move, adjusted to 1/3/6 times New counterattack moves can be triggered.

5. After the release of "Rainbow as Fire" , it can resist non-explosive bullets in the fast starting and turning movements.

6. Last week, in order to solve the vicious bugs and plug-in problems, temporarily adjusted the squat and dodge points of the battle dodge action in the swift as fire uprising, and now they are restored to the same time point as the sprint point.

// This change allows [Liaoyuanjin] to protect itself in time. If the counterattack hits the opponent, it can stabilise the opportunity to attack and produce good damage output.

Four, walnuts

1. Increase the distance between Walnut and Soul Mound from 20 meters to 30 meters.

// Walnut can more easily operate strategies to rescue teammates after his teammates are killed.

Five, Tianhai

1. Remove the effect of "No Zip Line" triggered when the enemy is smashed by Fumo King Kong.

2. After Tianhai releases Upanishad [King Kong Fumo], the cooldown time of the talent skill [Golden Bell] will no longer be reset.

3. Shorten the rigidity time for all melee weapons to trigger the fight when hitting the talent skill [Golden Bell].

// [Golden Bell] is a skill that combines attack and defense. The purpose of this adjustment is to reduce the frustration of other heroes when fighting against Tianhai. Now Tianhai players need to use [Golden Bell] more cautiously.

Six, the demon sword girl

1. Adjust the Profound meaning [Ominous Blade], now [Ominous Blade] will not be interrupted by Temur's Profound [Wind Cage].

// This change is for the demon sword girl to have a certain means of confrontation when facing Temur's Upanishad Wind Wall.

Weapon adjustment

1. Weapon Test

1. The  dagger and ten thousand blade wheel can now be obtained in-game, and the corresponding soul jade and out-of-game system will also be updated

2. unified adjustment of melee weapons

1. Unify the dodge distances of all melee weapons, and optimize the dodge actions of broadswords and long swords.

2. The  longest distance of the charged wall attack of unifying all melee weapons: 18 meters.

3. broad knife

1. After  adjusting the broad knife to trigger the rock stance, take advantage of the momentum to accumulate power to continuously upgrade the power level.

2.  Speed ​​up the speed of broad knife air blows.

3.  Speed ​​up the release of combos after the Broadsword rises to the dragon.

4. the  gun

1.  Optimize the time point of the special effect flash prompt for the third charge of the gun to make it more accurate.

2.  Reduce the first hit by a gun flat hit, the first hit with a crouch flat hit, and the hard hit during a flat hit with a sliding shovel.

3.  Fine-tuned the action of the spear move [Dragon King Break] so that it can no longer pass through Temur's Upanishad Wind Wall.

4.  Slightly increase the forward swing time of the gun crouching Shenglong.

5.  Slightly increase the duration of the gun air strike.

5. long sword

1.  Reduced the damage of 60% of the sword energy rebounded when the sword energy of the long sword is shaken.

6. Musket

1.  Increase durability, adjusted from 10 to 12.

7. bow and arrow

1.  Reduce the durability, from 15 to 8.

8. Cannon

1.  Reduce the durability, from 12 to 10.

9. Swarm

1.  Reduce durability and adjust it from 100 to 80.

2.  Reduce the number of single maximum charged bullets from 50 to 40.

10.  flamethrower

1.  Reduce durability and adjust it from 200 to 150.

11.  Siege Crossbow

1. Reduce the maximum range from 125 meters to 100 meters.

Soul jade adjustment

1.  New soul jade

1.  Gun Soul Jade: [Remnant of the Wind and Clouds], [Shuanghuan Sweeping], [Raging Waves and Raging Waves]


2.  Soul jade

1.  Increase the recovery effect of all [Imperial Souls] soul jade, from 45% to 75%.


3.  Soul Jade [Overlord]

1. Broadsword·【Overlord】After triggering the rock stance, it can directly rise to the third stage of power storage.


Bug fix

1. Fixed the problem that when Canghai released the profound meaning and moved quickly in the season, there was a probability that he could not withstand non-explosive bullets.

2. Fixed the issue that closing the Upanishad would cause multiple strikes during the Canghai attack in the current season

3. Fixed the issue that when Ji Canghai released the profound meaning, the use of the Qianjin Pendant would be interrupted by other actions

4. Fixed the problem that when Canghai released the secrets of the season, using its characteristics can achieve infinite combos in place (except for the dragon move)

5. Fixed the problem that when Volmo King Kong dies, there is a chance that the action will be lost

6. Fixed the problem of abnormal gravity when Walnut releases [Shelter]

7. Fixed the problem that Walnut could not be cut off normally in some cases after the action of releasing the talent skills

8. Fixed the problem that the default action of Walnut in the team display was static

9. Fixed an issue where the abnormal voice volume when the Demon Sword Princess releases Profound meaning can be heard at a super long distance

10. Fixed the squat interruption of some melee weapons in the air attack and hero release skills, and the wrong action performance of the ground squat was played, and the correct performance was to perform a rapid fall

11. Fixed the problem that the vibrating knife could not be switched when the broad knife was charged

12. Fixed the problem that often failed when using the broad knife to vibrate against the [Dragon King Break]

13. Fixed the problem that the attack often failed to hit when sticking to the wall

14. Fixed the problem that the mute effect of Dandelion was only effective after being picked up

15. Fixed the problem that the position probability of the bee array deviated after the honeycomb was triggered

16. Fixed the issue that occasionally appeared when switching weapons in the stealth grass

17. Fixed the problem of poor interaction in some scenes

18. Fixed the issue that some falling objects and falling piles would float or get stuck in obstacles

19. Fixed the problem that it could not be attached to the turret when using the handle to mark the map in the game

20. Repaired some models of walnut ornaments [Peach Blossom Ball], [Blue Sakura Lantern], [Knocking Bell], [Thousand Paper Cranes], Ning Hongye Ornaments [Red Chain Snake], and [Far Mountain Mirror]. problem

New season: wave

The Forerunner season will end at 7:00 on August 12 , and the Hidden Clan’s Secret Treasure event will end, and a new season will be ushered in: Wave. In the new season, we have prepared more rewards and new ways to play, please wait and see!


Points settlement

In the new season, the ranking points of the Forerunner season will be settled and some points rules of the Inspur season will be optimized.

The specific instructions for the settlement of tier points and the changes to the rules are as follows: 

1. Forerunner season settlement

1. Season rewards

After the Forerunner season ends, rewards will be awarded according to the highest rank reached before the end of the season. The specific instructions are as follows:

Forerunner season highest rank

Settlement reward

Infinite Shura

Treasure Box 10 , Advanced Season Portrait 1 , Season Portrait 1 , Ancient Coins 6,500    


Treasure Box 5 , Advanced Season Portrait 1 , Season Portrait 1 , Ancient Coins 6000    


Treasure Box 3 , Advanced Season Portrait 1 , Season Portrait 1 , Ancient Coins 5500    


Advanced season headshot 1 , season headshot 1 , ancient coins 5000   


Senior season portrait 1 , season portrait 1 , ancient coins 4500   


Season headshot 1 , 4000 ancient coins  


Ancient coins 3000 


2. Rank succession

Settlement is based on the player's rank points at the end of the Forerunner season. The rank points obtained by all players in the single-player and three-player modes of the Forerunner season will be partly inherited to the Inspur season. The specific rules are as follows:

Bronze Ⅴ (1000-1099)  adjusted to Bronze Ⅴ (1000)

Bronze IV (1100-1199)  adjusted to Bronze IV (1100)

Bronze Ⅲ (1200-1299)  adjusted to Bronze Ⅲ (1200)

Bronze II (1300-1399)  adjusted to Bronze II (1300)

Bronze (1400-1499)  adjusted to Bronze (1400)

Silver Ⅴ (1500-1599)  adjusted to Bronze Ⅰ (1400)

Silver Ⅳ (1600-1699)  adjusted to Silver Ⅴ (1500)

Silver Ⅲ (1700-1799) is  adjusted to Silver Ⅴ (1500)

Silver Ⅱ (1800-1899)  adjusted to Silver Ⅳ (1600)

Silver (1900-1999)  adjusted to Silver IV (1600)

Gold Ⅴ (2000-2099) is  adjusted to Silver Ⅲ (1700)

Gold IV (2100-2199)  adjusted to Silver III (1700)

Gold Ⅲ (2200-2299) is  adjusted to Silver Ⅱ (1800)

Gold Ⅱ (2300-2399) is  adjusted to Silver Ⅱ (1800)

Gold (2400-2499)  adjusted to Silver (1900)

Platinum (2500-2599)  adjusted to Gold (2000)

Platinum IV (2600-2699)  adjusted to Gold IV (2100)

Platinum III (2700-2799)  adjusted to Gold III (2200)

Platinum II (2800-2899)  adjusted to Gold II (2300)

Platinum (2900-2999)  adjusted to Gold (2400)

Meteorite (3000-3099) is  adjusted to Gold (2400)

Meteorite IV (3100-3199)  adjusted to Platinum (2500)

Meteorite III (3200-3299)  adjusted to Platinum (2500)

Meteorite II (3300-3399)  adjusted to Platinum IV (2600)

Meteorite (3400-3499)  adjusted to Platinum IV (2600)

Eclipse (3500-3599)  adjusted to Platinum III (2700)

Eclipse IV (3600-3699)  adjusted to Platinum III (2700)

Eclipse III (3700-3799)  adjusted to Platinum II (2800)

Eclipse II (3800-3899)  adjusted to Platinum II (2800)

Eclipse (3900-3999) is  adjusted to Platinum (2900)

3. Points inheritance

The defeat points, survival points, and hero points obtained by all players in the Forerunner season will be partly inherited to the Inspur Season. The lower the points, the higher the inheritance ratio. The specific rules are as follows:

3750 points or more inherit 70%

2500-3750 points inherit 80%-70%

1250-2500 points inherit 90%-80%

0-1250 points inherit 100%-90%

Second, the wave of the season and Dan integral part of the rule adjustment

1.  Added [Falling Sun] rank

A new tier [Falling Sun] is added between the dan [eclipse moon] and the dan [Wu Jian Shura]. Players with a score of 4000-4499 points can get the title of [Falling Sun].

2.  [Wu Jian Shura] Rank adjustment

The conditions for achieving the rank [Wu Jian Shura] are adjusted from the top 500 in the full server to a rank score of 4500 points and above.

3.  Adjustment of tier points rules

Adjusted the proportion of behavior points and ranking points in different ranks that affect the rank points. The lower the rank, the higher the proportion of ranking points; the higher the rank, the behavior points and ranking points will gradually maintain a similar proportion.

4.  Eclipse icon update

A brand new icon has been replaced for the rank [Eclipse].

New appearance update

The new appearance will be available for access on August 12

Added character fashion and weapon skins

A large number of character fashions, ornaments and weapon skins have been added, among which Ning Hongye and Ji Canghai have obtained brand-new magical fashions.

New team display content:

Added more customizable squad display content, including platform, action, and background. In the new season, players can collect new squad display content through various channels and dress up their heroes.

New hairstyle:

Added more customizable hairstyle content. In the new season, players can collect new hairstyles and dress up their heroes through various channels.

New emoji actions:

The exclusive emoji actions of Demon Sword Princess have been added, and players can choose more actions to show their individuality.

New emoji actions and emoji bubbles:

The exclusive emoji actions of Demon Sword Princess have been added, and players can choose more actions to show their individuality. Added more personalized expression bubbles, which players can use in the game after being equipped.

Add avatar:

More avatars have been added. In the new season, players can collect new avatars through various channels.

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