NARAKA: BLADEPOINT Getting New 1v1 Mode

24 Entertainment is adding a new mode to the 60-play action combat title NARAKA: BLADEPOINT. With a new 1v1 mode being added called Bloodsport.

Players will be placed into a 16 player arena with each fight being 1v1 until only 1 player is left. Players cannot use the same hero or weapon and must pick something new each round. More changes are coming with the new mode, rebalancing the game and resolving issues.

New Mode: Bloodsport

An all-new mode, 'Bloodsport', is now open!

16 players must face off against each other in locations across Morus Isle. Engage in 1v1 battles to rise up the ranks until a champion emerges! Details for this mode are as follows.

1. Bloodsport is available to all players, all day.

2. Players must choose their hero and weapons for the round before it begins, and cannot change their decision until the Bloodsport finals.

3. The final rounds are decided in a best-of-three. Prior to these three rounds, players must choose their heroes and weapons (can choose the same heroes as in previous rounds).

4. If both players are still alive at the end of the round's time limit, the victor will be determined according to the following, in turn:

(1) The player dealt higherdamage.

(2) The player with higherremaining health and armor at round end (if both heroes dealt the same amount of damage).

(3) If players' remaining health and armor are also equal, the one who first caused damage shall be the victor.

(4) If neither dealt any damage and were of equal health and armor, one will be determined the victor at random.

5. In Bloodsport:

(1) Skills are permitted but ultimates cannot be used.

(2) All heroes' melee and ranged resistances are boosted.

(3) Health, armor and skill cooldowns are reset after each round.


I. Tianhai

1. Shortened the duration that Vajra in [Titan's Call] is staggered when an enemy escapes his clutches.

II. Matari

1. Reduced the moving distance covered by her [Silent Flutter: Rapid Flash] skill.

III. Kurumi

1. Kurumi's ultimate [Sacred Circle] is no longer affected by Flamebringers or [Fire Arrows] Souljades. Only heroes' skills and some in-game mechanics can alter its circle and its effects.Kurumi’s circle now can only be altered by allies.If it is altered through in-game mechanics, its effects are neutral and apply to all parties.

2. Increased the damage of [Sacred Circle: Fire] from 75 to 100.

3. Shortened [Sacred Circle's] duration after it has been affected by fire or poison elements.

IV. YotoHime

1. The 'Piercing Vision' granted by her ultimate [Ominous Blade] and its variants now also makes enemies with Stealth visible.

2. [Spirit Slash: Vortex] now has golden Focus effects, knocks back enemies hit and can be used while under attack.

V. Tarka Ji

1. Increased the distance Tarka knocks nearby enemies back with his ultimate [Blackout] and its variants.

VI. Valda Cui

1. Gave Valda Cui brief invulnerability (similar to that gained when dodging) just before she launches Tide Traps with [Haze: Teleport]. This will not be interrupted by weapon attacks.

2. Made some adjustments to her ultimate, [Nether Nightmare]: shortened both its startup frame and recovery frame, while also increasing the waves' travel speed as necessary. Increased the damage inflicted by her water spears from 200 to 300 when they hit, and from 350 to 450 when they explode.

3. Increased wave travel speed of [Nether Nightmare: Smite] (as with her original ultimate form, [Nether Nightmare]).


I. Melee Weapons

1. Optimized the timeframe ofa red flash of light triggered byCounterstrikes.


II. Longsword

1. Increased the damage dealt by horizontal strikes' third attacks (from 329% to 392%) and vertical strikes' third attacks (from 297% to 330%) respectively.

2. Reduced the damage dealt by airborne horizontal strikes (from 121%*2 to 90%*2) and vertical strikes (from 189%+19% to 153%+15%) respectively.

3. Changed Counterstrike Combo damage from 318%*2 to 128%+508%.

4. Increased the speed from a running horizontal strike into a dodge, slightly shortening the attack's stagger duration.

5. Slightly reduced the range of running vertical strikes.

6. Slightly reduced the range of charged vertical and horizontal sword energy strikes.

7. Slightly increased the range of Counterstrike Combos.

III. Dagger

1. Increased the damage dealt by horizontal strikes' third attacks (from 301% to 367%) and vertical strikes' third attacks (from 261% to 381%) respectively.

2. Increased Counterstrike Combo damage from 299%*2 to 132%+528%.

3. Players now can dodge the Uppercut Slash after the [Soulbreak] that follows a [Dagger Dash].

4. Slightly shortened Daggers' charge time.

5. You can now follow airborne vertical strikes and [Dragon Crush] with [Dagger Dashes].

6. Optimized the feel of some [Dagger Dash] moves.

7. Slightly increased the range of Counterstrike Combos.

IV. Greatsword

1. Reduced the damage dealt by airborne horizontal strikes (from 336% to 298%) and airborne vertical strikes (from 233%+23% to 194%+19%) respectively.

2. Increased crouching vertical strike damage from 209% to 240%.

3. Reduced the damage of running vertical strikes, from 357% to 315%.

4. Crouching horizontal strikes now can hit downed enemies.

V. Katana

1. Increased the damage dealt by horizontal strikes' third attacks (from 302% to 384%) and vertical strikes' third attacks (from 252% to 298%) respectively.

2. Reduced the damage dealt by airborne horizontal strikes (from 128%*2 to 85%*2) and airborne vertical strikes (from 250%+19% to 148%+15%) respectively.

3. Increased the damage dealt by attacks following a [Blink Strike]. Follow-up horizontal strike damage has been changed from 247% to 283%, and vertical strikes' damage from 238% to 258%.

4. Slightly reduced the range of running horizontal strikes.

5. Slightly increased the range of running vertical strikes.

VI. Spear

1. Increased the damage dealt by horizontal strikes' third attack, from 329% to 369%.

2. Changed the damage dealt by airborne horizontal strikes (from 235% to 201%) and aiebornevertical strikes (from145%+15% to 154%+15%) respectively.

3. Slightly increased the startup frame duration and range of slidehorizontal strikes.


I. Longsword Souljades

1. Increased the damage dealt by [Blue Moon]. [Blue Moon] horizontal strikes' third attack damage has changed from 199%*2 to 218%*2, and its vertical strikes' third attack damage from 185%*2 to 199%*2.

II. Spear Souljades

1. Increased the damage dealt by [Dual Ring's] horizontal strikes' third attack, from 189%*2 to 221%*2.

III. Katana Souljades

1. Increased the damage dealt by [Stamina Strike's] vertical strikes' third attack, from 135%*2 to 159%*2.

In-Game Adjustments

I. New Custom Match Functions

1. Lobby hosts can now set spawn location when in The Herald's Trial and The Bloodbath Custom Matches.

2. Players now can invite friends into the Custom Matches.

3. Adjusted the weapon order in the ban settings, now the order is based on the weapon types.

II. New Reputation Score Rewards

1.When Reputation Score reaches 9,000, players’ settlement experience in all modes will be increased by 10%. 

III. Combat

1. Lengthened the invulnerability period when rolling up after having been knocked down.

IV. Shadow Poison Mechanism

1. The first three times the Shadow Corruption spreads in The Herald's Trial and Quick Match modes now also carry shadow poison effects.

V. Controllers

1. Optimized camera sensitivity when using a controller: expanded the sensitivity range that can be selected in controller settings, allowing for greater sensitivity.

Store Updates

I. Added new Pack: Temulch - [Unmatchable Champion].

Pack includes:

1. Collaborative Lu Xiaojunoutfits [Unmatchable Champion].

2. Hairstyle [Luxiaojun: Unmatched].

3. Gesture [Luxiaojun: Unstoppable Force].

You may unlock either the set or single pieces with Gold.

II. New Display Gesture

1. Added new party gesture: Temulch Exclusive [Luxiaojun: Champion].

Bug Fixing

1. Fixedthe timing issue that would occur when countering attacks with Tarka Ji's [Inner Fire].

2. Fixed the issue where having the Souljade [Greatsword Sap] equipped would sometimes result in Greatsword Counterstrike Combos dealing multiple instances of damage.

3. Fixed athe issue where the map couldn't be dragged or zoomed out while mousing over a Stash, Rift Dealer, Morus' Blessing, Soul Altar or Ballista icon.

NARAKA: BLADEPOINT is now available on Steam.

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