NARAKA BLADEPOINT: How to Use Torchbearer Code for Free Items

t is really easy to miss when to use the Torchbearer or Invite code when you first play this game. This guide is to let new players know when and where they need to use their code.


When to Use Invite Code

When you first start the game, Naraka will throw you right into the tutorial as Viper Ning. After you defeat Tianhai, the monk boss, you will complete the tutorial. Right after this is when the game will prompt you to create your account/pick your username. THIS is when you can use your invite code!! You must click the “Invite Code” option on the right to use a Torchbearer Code.
name will already be entered here with your Steam username, so it is easy for a new player to just quickly press “Ok” and miss the “Invite Code” option on the right. Make sure your username is what you want it to be before you press “Invite Code”; as pressing that and using a code will also create your account.


What you get for using Torchbearer Code

When you use someone’s Torchbearer code, you will instantly get 500 Tae.


Afterwards, you will receive additional rewards at level 10, 20, 30, and 40. You will receive:
150 Spectral Silk at Level 10
1000 Tae at Level 20
300 Spectral Silk at Level 30
1 Immortal Treasure at Level 40

What are these rewards used for?

Tae is the free currency in the game and is currently used for buying some skins, accessories, or Talents. I assume that it will also be used to buy new characters in the future.

Spectral Silk is a special currency in the game you can receive from the battlepass, or upon receiving a duplicate skin. It can be used to buy exclusive skins and accessories from the Spectral Silk Store.

Immortal Treasures are the Loot Boxes of this game. Opening them will give you one random cosmetic exclusive to the loot box. Every 10 Immortal Treasures guarantees 1 Epic(Purple) Quality cosmetic. You are guaranteed a Red Quality cosmetic (0.3% Chance) within the first 100 boxes; note that this only applies once.

Recommended Torchbearer Code

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Ellis Davis

Ellis Davis

Is there a way to use a code if someone missed the chance but has not reached level 9 yet?

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