Naraka Bladepoint Weapon Tier List

Choose the best melee and ranged weapons for your hero with the help of our tier list guide to Naraka Bladepoint.

Naraka Bladepoint, a new battle royale game for up to 60 players at Steam, is now officially online after a period of beta testing. The full release added some new weapons and changed the stats of the old ones, totally overthrowing the meta.

Our guide will provide you with a tier list of all ranged and melee weapons in Naraka Bladepoint. Currently there are 13 weapons available, some of which carried over from the beta with balance adjustments and some brand new to release.

Naraka Bladepoint: Best Melee Weapons

S-Tier: Dagger

The dagger is one of the most overpowered weapons in the game due to its exceptional attack speed and incredibly powerful Dagger Dash ability.

The amount of combos that you can achieve with the dagger is staggering, including uppercuts and focused attacks that can deal massive amounts of damage super quickly.

A-Tier: Spear

It is no surprise that the spear is one of the most admirable melee weapons in the game due to its incredible range and aerial combos.

Many players will find its reach highly usable in various combos, and it deals enough damage to make it your main weapon.

A-Tier: Long Sword

The long sword is similar in its approach to the dagger, but it is a little slower and its combos aren't as effective.

Actually, there aren't that many combos that you can execute with the long sword, but it is an excellent weapon for controlling the fight.

B-Tier: Great Sword

The great sword may be subjectively a good weapon for certain playstyles, but overall its applications are fairly narrow.

You can block really well with it and use focused attacks, but many players will have no problem dodging your attacks since it is such a slow weapon.

B-Tier: Katana

The katana is similar to the long sword, but with a few more drawbacks, including lower range and low counterattack ability.

It's a good weapon to have if you want to mess about with your sparring partner, but other melee weapons will do a much better job if you want to smash combos left and right.

B-Tier: Bloodripper

The bloodripper is definitely a very strong melee weapon, but you can't do any combos with it.

This weapon is extremely primitive, and all you can do with it is dash forward and hope for hitting your target with its blades.

Naraka Bladepoint: Best Ranged Weapons

S-Tier: Musket

The musket wasn't a very good weapon during beta, but now it's definitely one of the best ranged weapons thanks to its increased bullet velocity and damage.

It's a light weapon that allows you to move and aim fast, dealing one headshot after another.

A-Tier: Bow

The bow may not be the hardest hitting ranged weapon in the game, but it does have a huge range and it can be extremely precise in the right hands.

You can increase the damage, if you have the time to charge up your shots, and to aim properly. That's when the Bow really shines!

A-Tier: Pistol

The pistol has a surprisingly high damage output for a weapon of its class, but you need to stand very close to your target in order to get the most out of it. This can obviously be a bit troublesome.

You don't exactly want to get too close to your enemies with a ranged weapon, but that's the price you have to pay if you want to run with the pistol.

A-Tier: Repeating Crossbow

The crossbow is a great finisher that allows you to deal with enemies trying to escape. Once the projectile hits them in the back, it's all over.

It's a little clunkier than the bow, but you can still get the kill with a few fast and precise shots.

B-Tier: Flamebringer

Although the flamebringer has a lot of power, it has an extremely low range for a ranged weapon.

Its range is basically equal to the melee weapon, which is obnoxious, as you have to stand really close to your enemy to deal any significant damage.

B-Tier: Swarm

Just like the flamebringer, this weapon has a massive damage output, but it is extremely hard to move with this heavy thing in your hands.

B-Tier: Cannon

This is another heavy weapon, but not as heavy as the swarm.

The projectile velocity is really slow, so you must calculate the drop-off before shooting if you want to use it effectively.

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