Naraka: Bladepoint's First New Hero Coming In September

Naraka: Bladepoint has just recently released, but the lighting-fast battle royale brawler will already be adding its first new hero next month.

24 Entertainment, the developer of Naraka: Bladepoint, has revealed that the game's next hero will arrive in September. The 60-player battle royale title stands out amongst its peers by focusing on parkour and melee combat rather than first or third-person shooter action. Reviews of the newly-released game lend praise to Naraka: Bladepoint's speed, player customization and sizable map size while also criticizing the title's annoying microtransaction system, which is a common complaint among online titles like this.

While players have responded quite positively to Naraka: Bladepoint's fresh take on the battle royale genre, one other aspect of the game has received a fair bit of criticism. When gamers first become accustomed to the competitive ninja experience, they may be pleased to find themselves dominating the competition. However, a sudden spike in difficulty may soon shock these now-confident warriors. This phenomenon occurs because Naraka: Bladepoint starts players in unannounced bot matches before suddenly pitting them against real human opponents. Some have even accused 24 Entertainment of pitting them against bots for the first two hours of the game in order to push past Steam's two-hour refund policy.

In a developer Q&A on Steam, 24 Entertainment has announced that Naraka: Bladepoint's first new hero will be released in September. The battle royale brawler launched with seven playable characters, with several more being created for the future. Within the Q&A the Naraka: Bladepoint developer also announced new network hubs coming to South America and Oceania, alongside a newly optimized net code, which should improve users' online experience.

Naraka Bladepoint Isn't As Easy As You Think

While Naraka: Bladepoint is currently only available on PC, a recent console gameplay trailer reveals that the game will soon arrive on PlayStation 5 and other platforms. Unfortunately no other information has been revealed, including which consoles will receive a port other than PS5. The PS5 gameplay trailer suggests that the console version of the game will not receive a significant graphical downgrade, although a slightly lower resolution is suggested by the trailer.

Naraka: Bladepoint puts an interesting new twist on the battle royale shooter genre. An emphasis on agility, melee combat and character classes lets the new title stand out amongst its predecessors. The addition of new heroes also promises to shake up the game's balance by introducing new abilities and mechanics for others to manage. While Naraka: Bladepoint just released last month, players still won't have to wait long before new content for the battle royale comes rushing in.

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