NetEase is planning to develop a mobile version of Naraka: Bladepoint

NetEase is currently planning to develop a mobile version of their recent hit Naraka: Bladepoint. The game is a 60-player action battle royale that offers insane mobility with parkour movement and gravity-defying actions, and the characters hold diverse skills. The Chinese giant confirmed the announcement of bringing a mobile version of the game on their NetEase (NTES) Q2 2021 Earnings Call although no details are revealed yet. The game is currently available on PC only.

Overview of Naraka: Bladepoint

The Action-Adventure genre features 60 players to fight for claiming the last man stand the title in its map Morus Island. It features co-op, multiplayer, and single-player modes. But the primary attraction of the game is its astonishing combat style. Stunning Eastern art-style fighting, parkour movements, and characters’ skills shaped the game differently than its other competitors with a “battle royale” tag.

Today, Naraka: Bladepoint has emerged as our next breakthrough on the international stage, which further boosts our global expansion asset by opening the door to the mainstream Western market. We will continue this positive trend by introducing more content from different cultures around the world and start to work on other formats of the game, including console games and mobile versions as we look to tap into these large market opportunities in China and abroad.


With all these features full of excitement, the game won the enthusiasm of Chinese and overseas players and marking a breakthrough for NetEase in the global market. With captivating gameplay and state-of-the-art graphics, Naraka: Bladepoint’s debut was very well received among hardcore players in Western markets.

The game was first launched in China in July. Followed by the global launch on 12 August 2021, Naraka: Bladepoint quickly became the best weekly seller on Steam. The developer, NetEase is hoping that the numbers will be even higher when they include players who played a game on their official channels. However, the game showed that there are still so many things left to include in the battle royale arena. Mobile fans, all they have to do is to wait till any further news comes for them.

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