Steam Demo Extension Notice

Dear Forerunners,

Thank you everyone for participating in this beta. We appreciate your continued support and feedback for NARAKA: BLADEPOINT.

In this beta, we identified a lot of problems with low frame rates and game stuttering. After agile feedback collection and technical investigation, we keep releasing one or more new patches every day during the beta and finally implemented a series of optimizations such as:

Optimized the graphic memory management logic, greatly reducing the graphic memory occupation on the premise of ensuring the visual quality.

Solved the problem of insufficient performance of some graphics cards, improved the utilization rate of graphics cards, and made the FPS smoother and more stable.

Solved the problem that the FPS of some graphics cards can drop significantly under certain circumstances.

Solved a number of problems causing the in-game stuttering. Currently, there are still a few situations that may cause short-term stuttering in the game, which will be optimized and eliminated in the subsequent versions.


Our team executed many compatibility tests according to the problems reported. Data analysis shows that the game performance has greatly improved and exceeded that of the last Steam demo. Specially, the optimization of map loading ensures that each player will have fairer competition experience when the game starts and the camera switch for the observer will be smoother. However, we do know that we still have a long way to go. More positioned problems will be fixed within the sprint before the Global Launch on August 12. The gaming performance pursued by forerunners is our first priority.

Meanwhile, a number of balance issues and bugs were identified in this demo. Some updates have already been implemented such as:

  • Matari's Stealth effect nerfed.
  • Fixed the problem that Matari can be infinitely airborne.
  • Kurumi's healing and skill cooldown nerfed.
  • Fixed the problem that Tianhai cannot deal damages when grabbing the enemy after transforming into a Vajra.
  • Fixed the problem that Tianhai cannot be seen by other players when Titan's Call ends.
  • Fixed the problem that heavy attack while crouching or light attack while running with Spear can cause infinite combos.
  • Fixed the problem that Airborne Attack landing while being interrupted by walking can cause infinite combos.
  • Fixed some bugs of Spear including the problem that Spear cannot be Counterstrikes.
  • Damage dealt by Pistol to nearby enemies increased.
  • Reduced the action frequency of bots, and there will be less interruption to players in the opening island.
  • Reduced the ambient volume to eliminate the impact of Moonbane and Banebreathing sound effect on game experience.
  • Fixed the problem that Place Marker can result in client error.

So far, we have made 131 updates and the following adjustments will take effect today:

  1. 【Viper Ning】Yushan Invocation: Enfeeble cooldown decreased.
  2. 【Matari】Stealth duration decreased. Silent Flutter cooldown during Unseen Wings increased.
  3. 【Kurumi】The range of Ward link and the grace period of exceeding distance slightly decreased.
  4. 【Tarka Ji】The block animation and counterattack of Inner Fire are now golden Focus Strikes. The block counterattack gets invulnerability from Focus Strikes.
  5. Healing reduction of Shadow Corruption takes effect after the third spread.

More adjustments will be implemented on August 12 at Global Launch.

We clearly understand that the newly added content and functions in this beta have brought many problems. Many players reported that the game experience is not good, and we are deeply sorry for that. To get further feedback, we decided to extend steam final beta for one more day. We hope that forerunners can keep actively giving feedback to help Naraka: Bladepoint become a better game in the future.

NARAKA: BLADEPOINT has been developed for more than two years. We know that there are many problems and complaints in this beta, and all these will become our driving force for developing a better game in the future.

The beta will be closed at:

June 23rd 10:00 PDT,

June 23rd 14:00 GMT-3,

June 23rd 17:00 UTC,

June 24th 02:00 GMT+9

See you on August 12 at the Global Launch!

24 Entertainment

June 22, 2021

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