The best Naraka Bladepoint characters

From healer to warrior, the best Naraka character for your playstyle!

Who are the best Naraka: Bladepoint characters? As this new battle royale game allows you to choose your own Naraka Hero, this is probably one of the first questions you have. Although the internet is currently full of character debates, it’s safe to say that all seven Naraka: Bladepoint Heroes are good in their own way. However, some Naraka characters are more powerful, easier to play, or just a lot more useful than others.

Every Naraka: Bladepoint character has its own unique abilities, giving you plenty of room to develop your own playstyle. We’ll briefly explain these unique Hero skills below, but keep in mind that the abilities can be modified as you level up. Let’s find the best Naraka: Bladepoint character for you!

Kuruminaraka bladepoint Kurumi

  • Skill: Binding Prayer. Kurumi can link herself to her teammates and heal them. Hold the skill to summon a Light Parasol and teleport to a target ally while knocking back nearby opponents. Kurumi can also use this skill to increase her allies’ attack power or even revive them from a distance.
  • Ultimate: Sacred Circle. This healing circle recovers HP and/or armor for all allies within its range. Can be replaced with instant restoration later on. 

As the specialized healer, Kurumi is definitely one of the best Naraka: Bladepoint characters. Although the Binding skill requires a bit of practice, Kurumi can play a vital role in your team’s survival chances. However, Kurumi’s damage output is low and she can’t attack while linked through Binding Prayer. As a result, Kurumi is highly dependent on her teammates. If you prefer solo play, it’s best to look for a different Naraka Hero.

Matarinaraka bladepoint Matari

  • Skill: Silent Flutter. A teleport skill, can eventually be used with a return marker and an attack buff.
  • Ultimate: Unseen Wings. Matari enters stealth mode, making her transparent while moving and nearly invisible when standing still. Also resets Silent Flutter and decreases its cooldown. Alternatively, this Unseen Wings may increase Matari’s damage while she’s in a special state (such as wall running), or cast stealth mode on nearby allies.

Matari is a highly mobile assassin, and easily one of the best Naraka characters for solo play. Her damage is pretty good, but it’s mostly her mobility and the element of surprise that makes her stand out. Naraka: Bladepoint is ultimately a survival game, so Matari’s ability to evade attacks and turn almost invisible is extremely useful. It’s especially worth mentioning that Matari’s Ultimate can be used to avoid Viper Ning’s Ultimate, making her the most powerful Naraka character of the two.

Yoto Himenaraka bladepoint Yoto Hime

  • Skill: Spirit Slash. Throws a spinning blade that blocks incoming non-explosive projectiles and can also be used to quickly teleport towards the enemy. The teleport and slash ability can be exchanged for the ability to block melee attacks. 
  • Ultimate: Ominous Blade. Hits the opponent three times with a giant blade. The direction of the hits can be adjusted with the attack button. This Ultimate will also reveal your opponents’ health bars.

Yoto Hime is one of the best Naraka: Bladepoint characters if you’re looking for a powerful DPS. The timing and aim of her Ultimate can be a bit tricky, but it’s pretty easy to hit opponents with the Spirit Slash. As long as your opponent doesn’t manage to dodge your abilities right away, they’re pretty much doomed. Do look out for Ultimate attacks from Tianhai and Viper Ning though.

Tianhainaraka bladepoint Tianhai

  • Skill: The Divine Bell. Creates a shield, protecting Tianhai from all physical damage and reflecting bullets back to the opponent. May be modified to knock back enemies or disarm enemies who are using blue Focus.
  • Ultimate: Titan’s Call. Transforms Tianhai into the giant Vajra, capable of grabbing and smashing his enemies. Vajra can also release a shockwave. Can be modified to heal teammates and restore their armor instead.

Tianhai’s Ultimate ability is often considered overpowered. However, while it’s true that any enemy he manages to grab in Vajra state is basically lost, many experienced players are able to dodge his attacks. It can also be very hard to use Vajra if Tianhai is not in open terrain. In other words, Tianhai has one of the best Ultimate attacks if you know where and when to use it. His skill is much more beginner friendly though, as he can easily block incoming attacks just by pushing the button at the right time.

Viper Ningnaraka bladepoint Viper Ning

  • Skill: Yushan Enigma. A quick blast that may interrupt blue Focus attacks, other types of attacks, or HP restoration depending on your Viper Ning build.
  • Ultimate: Twilight Crimson. Viper Ning enters a summoning state for five seconds, marking enemies and ultimately stunning them. Can be modified to make Viper Ning less vulnerable during the summoning.

As the first character to be introduced in Naraka: Bladepoint, Viper Ning is a well-balanced DPS and crowd control character. She has the potential to stun several enemies at once, interrupting their attacks and giving her squad a chance to finish them off quickly. However, Viper Ning’s vulnerability during her Ultimate’s summoning time can be a significant drawback, especially when playing solo. You also have to make sure Viper Ning can see her enemies (even though she’s wearing a blindfold), or the Ultimate won’t work on them.

Tarka Jinaraka bladepoint Tarka Ji

  • Skill: Inner Fire. Enter a defensive stance to block melee attacks. Use the skill button again to counterattack and cast Burn (causes health and armor loss, plus a decreased HP regeneration). Can be modified to block non-explosive projectiles as well, or perform a fireball attack instead. 
  • Ultimate: Blackout. Tarka Ji sets himself on fire, increasing his agility and potentially causing Burn with his attacks. Blackout consumes Rage (gained by dealing damage) and will last until Tarka Ji’s Rage is depleted. Can be modified to make Inner Fire use Energy instead of cooldown times. 

If you’re looking for a strong offensive tank in Naraka: Bladepoint, Tarka Ji is your man. This defensive warrior can easily block incoming melee attacks with his skill, while his Ultimate turns him into an extremely mobile DPS character. Its damage potential is not the highest, but compared to other Naraka characters, Tarka Ji’s Ultimate will last for ages. Do keep in mind that his skill requires great timing and may be avoided by more experienced opponents.

Temulchnaraka bladepoint Temulch

  • Skill: Zephyr Wisp. Temulch jumps up and summons three wisp wards that can block non-explosive projectiles. Use the skill button again to shoot the wisp wards at your enemies and trap them inside a damage-dealing whirlwind (lasting one second per remaining wisp).
  • Ultimate: Zephyr Prison. Creates a massive whirlwind surrounding Temulch, slightly knocking back enemies and blocking all ranged attacks. Every enemy entering or leaving Zephyr Prison is slowed. Can be upgraded to increase energy regeneration or recover wisps.

Temulch is a good defensive fighter, but he’s usually not considered the best Naraka: Bladepoint character. Although he’s got great defense against ranged attacks, this can feel a bit superfluous during individual melee fights. And while his Ultimate is especially useful against enemies who rely on mobility, Viper Ning is arguably the better character for crowd control. That said, Temulch can use his skill far more often than other Naraka characters, allowing him to evade, defend, reflect damage, and shoot wisps to your heart’s content.

Just pick the best Naraka: Bladepoint character for your playstyle and preferred game mode, and you’re ready to smash your opponents (or go through a few hours of customization first, whichever you prefer).

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