It is quite simple actually, we just login and play for you until you receive the desired number of set pieces. Alternatively you can opt for carry/selfplay service and join us in game. Contact your booster through the Order Dashboard section or talk to us on live chat (bottom right part) in case there is delay with the delivery.

You can download account information and log in account instantly right after your payment. See the instruction here

Sure, the account will be yours forever and you can do anything with account after your purchase. We are the biggest and most trusted Accounts seller in all gaming servers. You won't find any seller which have more accounts than us.

Boosting Services

You pay us for improving your performance in ranked games. You give us your username and password and we play on your account.

After we receive your payment and user information, one of our Boosters will begin to boost your account. Our boosters have the experience and motivation required to deliver your order at the highest possible standards!

Yes, of course.

- Your information will be 100% secure and kept safe. 

- Additional security measures that no other site uses. 

- Only our company members will play in your accounts and nobody else.

You can checkout our accepted payment methods here

Our reputation is more important than your items or account. 

Moreover, stealing your account would be impossible if your account is secured by mobile authenticator or family mode. To make yourself feel comfortable by giving us detailed information of your account, we encourage you to use the full advantages of Valve's mobile authentication system or family sharing mode. 

We do not require to disable your steam guard or mobile authenticator while using our service.

No you don't need to turn it off. Check how we do it here

- Yes but before the game you will need to check if a booster isn’t currently playing on your account. After you’ve made sure that no booster is playing on your account, you can pause your order. 

- Remember that you can play all game modes apart from ranked mode or you can spectate live games while your account is boosting. You can learn the way they play too. It will be good for you.

We aren't in a position to say how long exactly your account will be worked on. It depends on a few things that we have no control under such as the size of your order, the current amount of orders and the availability of our players. But don't worry, we promise it will be super fast!

We work with professional gamers from all areas and regions, as long as the player can meet our strict quality criteria we are willing to work with them. Most of us are from Asia, but we also work with players from Australia, United States & Europe and so on.

If you are worried about new location triggering suspicious activity on your account you can always opt for VPN use in order to ensure safe processing of your order.

We take every measure possible to ensure account privacy & safety during the boost. We don’t talk to friends unless instructed otherwise and we can use vpn on your request. Don’t forget, we are doing this for the past 7 years and counting, when it comes to boosting, we know what we are doing !

Our services are specifically tailored for both veteran and new players. If you are the latter talk to us on live chat and we will point you in the right direction. We offer free tips and tricks for new players in a form of guides, strategies and overall help so that you can develop exceptional skill and understanding of the game.


You can contact us through our contact page ! We will be happy to assist you.

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