• To boost customer's rank, we have to log in customer's accounts.
  • Many customers asked us whether they have to turn off steam guard / disable mobile authenticator or not. The answer is No, they don't need to turn off steam guard or disable mobile auth.
  • Here is the way we log in customer's accounts without keep asking them about steam guard code or mobile auth code.


  • If customer's account has steam code from email, we will log in their accounts on our office computer. 
  • You will need to provide us steam code once when we start boosting your account. We won't log out till we finish your order.


  • As you know the mobile auth code is changing every 10 seconds.
  • To be able to log in customer's account without asking them the code for each time we work, we will generate back-up codes list in customer's account.
  • This is how we generate back-up codes list for our boosters: